Monday, July 21, 2014

SNAKES AND LADDERS (A Granny Square Story)

One Summer's day, Knit and Purl arrived at Granny Square's caravan and found her busy knitting a draft excluder to go across her front door. “Isn’t it a bit hot to be making that?” asked Knit.

“On the contrary,” said Granny Square, “I’m not going to have another Winter with the North Wind whistling around the caravan and coming in under the door uninvited. And by the time Winter gets here it’ll be too late!”

Purl said she thought it looked like a snake and she liked snakes. Knit said he preferred ladders and once they’d started thinking about Snakes and Ladders, it seemed like a good idea to have a game.

After a while, Purl got bored and they switched to Ludo.

Then Knit got bored and they decided Hide and Seek would be more fun.

First Knit hid whilst Purl covered her eyes and counted to one hundred.

She found him almost straight away.

Then Purl hid whilst Knit closed his eyes and counted to one hundred. 

Knit looked…and he looked… and then he spotted her.

Then Purl covered her eyes and started counting “one, two, three…”

Knit looked about for somewhere to hide. Under the caravan? Behind the tree? He could hear Purl “Seventy-four, seventy-five...” And suddenly he had a brilliant idea!

Knit balanced the ladder carefully and climbed up as fast as he could. Then he heard Purl.

“Coming to find you!” Shouted Purl. 

And, suddenly, Knit realised that Purl would see the ladder so he quickly pushed it down.

Purl looked under the caravan. She looked behind the tree. She searched everywhere. Then Purl started to get worried. She went to get Granny Square.

Then Knit started to get worried. Suppose Purl never found him. How was he going to get down?

Granny Square and Purl came out of the caravan and Granny Square spotted the ladder lying on the grass. 

“Help!” shouted Knit, as loudly as he could.

“Did you hear that, Granny Square?” asked Purl.

“O, no. I didn’t hear anything,” said Granny Square, rather loudly.

“It sounds as if Knit’s voice is coming from the sky!” Said Purl. And then she looked up. “There he is!” she said, “He’s on the roof of the caravan!”

“O, I don’t think so, Purl,” said Granny Square, again rather loudly, “Knit knows that he isn’t allowed to climb up the ladder.”

Then Knit started to get really worried. He stood up. “Help, help!” He shouted, “I’m on the roof of the caravan and I can’t get down!”

Then Granny Square put the ladder up so Knit could climb down. 

“I think it's about tea time," said Granny Square. "But, since you are so fond of the ladder, Knit, you can put it to its proper use.” 

And so Knit had to clean all the caravan windows...

Whilst Purl and Granny Square had a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.

But, don't feel too sorry for Knit.

I think they saved an extra big piece of cake for him when he'd finished :)


Thank you very much for visiting Rainbow Hare for the second in my monthly series around these characters. As I mentioned in A SUMMER STORY, this will include occasional stories and some tutorials and patterns for toys, games and household objects - some free and some in my etsy shop.

I haven't forgotten that last month I said I was going to make a pattern for a cushion/softie/pyjama case version of Ophelia but I'm sorry to have to say that I haven't managed to get that finished yet. I've been away a lot this month and my dear dog, Lucy, who is due to be 14 on Saturday, has been very very unwell for the last two weeks. As soon as it's finished I will get Mr Random to select three people from the comments on that post and send them a free copy. I am also hoping to get the knitting and doll hair tutes (which will be available free) and the Granny Square page sorted out in the next couple of weeks.

I have decided not to offer a free pattern this month to give me time to catch up and I hope that August will be a quieter month and by 21st I'll have a story and something to make on the same day.

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare